Question Headphones not recognized after re-plugging in I/O connectors

Dec 29, 2019
Yesterday, I wanted to do a deep clean of my PC to remove dust which hasn't been removed for a while.

My case (Corsair 460X) has a "tunnel" above the power supply unit. I removed part of this tunnel by unscrewing it from the back and sliding it off. In order to do this, I had to unplug the front panel I/O connectors (USB 3.0, HD Audio, Power SW, Reset SW, HDD Led, PLed + and PLed -) from my motherboard (Asus Z270F).

After I was done cleaning, I plugged those connectors in, hopefully the same way as they were before.

The issue I now have is that when I plug in headphones (in this case, Bose QC35; no bluetooth), they are not recognized by Windows 10. The troubleshooter doesn't find any problems. Before the unplugging, everything worked fine.

Should I take a closer look at the connectors, to make sure they're properly plugged in?

Edit: it's strange because Windows recognizes a microphone when I plug a headset into the microphone jack.