Question Headphones will not be detected as plugged in( or work) unless I uninstall Realtek and restart every time I want to use them.


Apr 15, 2015
2 or 3 weeks ago randomly my 7 year old Steelseries wired 3.5mm jack headset stoppep working on my computer. After lots of trial and error I found out that the only way for it to be detected and work, was if I uninstall the Realtek driver within playback devices, and then restart my computer. Then, the headset would be detected as plugged in and work, however I would need to do that every single time my computer went to sleep or turned off. Today I updated to windows 11 hoping it may help, however now under playback devices two are listed in both categories, however when my headset is plugged in, it does not detect it being plugged in and all audio/microphone usage goes directly through the laptop onboard speakers and microphone. I have tried many different ways of uninstalling the drivers for the Realtek audio but nothing has worked.

Any ideas? Thank you