Question Headphones work only at a certain angle


Jan 3, 2018
I have two JBL E45BT Headphones(Got one as a gift and the other one I bought myself around 6 months ago).The left cup of the headphone stopped that I got as a gift stopped working a 2 months ago.I was shocked at first but did'nt bother as the ones I had bought were working fine.Yesterday they too gave up and the there is no sound from the left side.After taking them apart I discovered the problem which was loose contact of the wires at a rather unusual point, i.e where the headphones folded.
(See pic #1 and #2... Link below)

I also discovered that both the headphones work when wire is bent at a certain angle(See vid..P.S I was playing the song only through the left earcup not both)
After removing loosing up the wire connecting the two cups where the contact was loose,I Cut open the sheath surrounding them.(See pic)

After checking the wires visually one of them seems to be pretty messed up(See pic #3).Is there any way I can resolder it?How should I go about doing this?

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