Info HEADS UP! Received a (fake) "ransom" email seconds after posting to Help forum.


May 12, 2004
Just a heads up to whomever is in charge of Security.

I posted a question in one of the support forums about the possibility of a "Ransom-ware" attack, and almost immediately I received an email (falsely) claiming they has installed a virus on my PC (and "all of your devices") "months ago" and had been monitoring all my activity, and if I wanted it removed, I'd have to pay some absurd amount in "Bitcoin" to make them stop.

Of course, the email provided NOTHING specific to prove anyone had actually infiltrated MY computer. It mentioned having access to my webcam (I have no webcam), so I know it's crap.

Whomever sent this is monitoring the Support Forums looking for gullible suckers that will panic and send some idiot con-artist money. But not that they didn't reply to my forum post, they sent an email to my unpublished email address directly, which is concerning.


Sounds like coincidence and the normal spamming of email accounts to seek victims to take their money to me.

Scan your rig for malware and remain vigilant (as all users should be all the time).

Also, what forum are you referring to?
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