Headset 7.1, headset without microphone is better ?

Jul 14, 2018
hallo, goblins! someone like me and maybe lots people want expand his/her knowledge about microphone/headset #audiothings #audioisinsideme.
Q N. 1 Headset without microphone increasing quality/performance itself generally ?
Q N. 2 Headset with 7.1 (i focusing) channel wich specs do you advice to see when someone are looking an headset generally ?
Q N.3 This is a kiddo thread, do you want help it ? of course

Thanks goblins, have hippoday :wahoo:
Q N.1: those aren't really connected. There's great head sets with mics, there are great headphones that come without one. The quality of the drivers used isn't determined by the mic.

Q N.2: I don't really understand what you're getting at. Generally all these 7.1 gaming headsets can't really compete with decent stereo headphones due to physical limitations.
Generally it's hard to go after specs with headphones. Professional reviews, testing yourself and sticking with respected brands (Sennheiser, Beyerdynamics, Sony and a few others) is the way to go imo, if you want decent cans and are willing to spend at least 120$ on them.