Question headset and ground issues?


Apr 8, 2016
so I have gotten a built desktop that my friend had used for roughly 1 year. Brought over to my house and I plugged in everything and been using it since with no problem.

Been using it on same spot which is under my desk and plugged in to a 6-outlet extension.

Now problem is past 12 months period of time, my headset has this buzz/humming noise when I turn on my desktop, can't use discord at all because of this noise. Headset is a 3.0 usb wire headset plugged into front panel.
It happens and it goes away but in random times. It has happened maybe 3-4 times within 9 months, humming/buzzing stays like that for weeks and it goes away. Now I have heard that this has to do with desktop and power cables grounding issues? I'm no where near familiar to this but one thing I have noticed is that when I take off my headset off my head and put it on my desk, mic volume bar goes red to green (its buzzing/humming goes down drastically).
So before I make any changes or purchases to better headphones or sound card, I want to try any given solutions.

Please let me know any suggestion is welcome!
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