Question Headset audio problem while gaming ?


May 5, 2016
Hello everyone, so recently i bought new headset for gaming but i've been having some problems with it, most of the multiplayer games my teammates think im playing on speakers when i talk with the microphone, they can hear my gameplay sound through my mic. Is there any settings or something to do to fix this problem or ?
Any help is appreciated.

Headset is ASUS TUF H1

Thanks in advance
This sounds like a feedback problem; if you are connected through the front panel connector, you can try using the rear ones which are usually shielded better.

It's possible (though unlikely) the microphone is also legitimately picking up the game output as ambient noise; you can try looking at the microphone input on the Control Panel and see if it detects anything when playing music/videos (it shouldn't).

Failing that, if there's a microphone boost option within Windows you can try turning that off, or enabling Noise Cancelling if that's also an option. You can usually find those settings buried in the control panel settings for your motherboard audio input.
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