Question Headset mic picks up sound from headset even though there is no sound leakage. How do I fix?


Apr 20, 2014
As title states. I have the HyperX Cloud Alpha, using on my laptop. Every time I'm in a discord VC or in a game lobby, people can hear what's going on on my computer, even though there is no sound leaking through the headset. And even if there was, the mic is really quiet, even for my own voice when speaking normally, so there is no way it would pick up audio from the headset itself.

Yes, I have tried going into the sound control panel, recording tab, properties of microphone , listen tab, and UNCHECKED "Listen to this device", like every other forum has said to do, but it was already unchecked, and the problem still persists.

Turning my sound down seems to help in making this problem less noticeable for people I am in VCs with, but it doesn't solve the problem. I am not even listening to things on high volumes, just medium volume.

Can anyone help me? Honestly, I've done a lot to fix this issue, like uninstalling drivers and such, which did not work and messed up a lot of stuff which I had to fix again using hours of my time. It's kind of a disaster at this point, so any help would be appreciated.