Question Headset microphone extremely quiet on Windows 10 computers but fine on smartphone

Apr 1, 2020
I have a Logitech G231 Prodigy headset and i just can't get the microphone to work properly, i have the volume set to 100% in the Windows settings, and other people can't hear me, if i record myself speaking with Audacity or Windows' default voice recorder i can BARELY hear myself by putting the volume all the way up (i mean to the point where if i played music at that volume i would probably hear it from the other room through the headset), i tried boosting the sound through the Windows settings but +10dB isn't enough and +20dB and +30dB add A LOT of noise so they're not viable solutions

I tried connecting this same set to another Windows 10 PC and the sound was exactly the same, but i also tried connecting it to my Galaxy S8 and it worked there, so the problem is either Windows 10 or the Y splitter that came with the headset, but i don't know how to find out which one it is (i don't have a non-Windows 10 PC to try) nor do i know how to fix it

Possible solutions that i found online and tried:

-Reinstalling the drivers, both from the official Realtek site and from the site of my motherboard's manufacturer (it's a MSI B250M Mortar)
-Changing all the Realtek audio manager settings
-Connecting the headset to the front instead of the back
None of these solutions changed a thing for me