Question Headset microphone problem

Mar 7, 2019
I'm not sure whether this is a right sub forum for this, here's the issue. My friend has Alienware M14x R2 and she's using headset with only one Jack and laptop is not recognizing mic, it's using only laptop mic and creating a lot of echoing. Headset is not faulty since they work perfectly fine on her other laptop. I've tried deleting drivers(soundblaster) and installing them again it worked and mic was working for solid 30 mins until it went back to laptop's mic. Later on I've tried reinstalling them again and drivers weren't even showing up in device manager. Last night I've tried installing them with the same result, it's not showing up though her mic was functioning for few mins again after restarting (required by driver setup) Is there any way to fix this issue, since I ran out of ideas apart from reinstalling OS, which id like to avoid if possible (but will do if necessary) laptop's running windows 8.1. Would appreciate any help.