Question Headset picking up internal sounds even when mic is muted

May 24, 2020
I have a Hyperx Cloud Stinger headphone and its picking up internal sounds while I talk.

So when I talk to someone on discord for example, they can hear me but also the song I'm listening to.

When I mute the mic (by raising it, then it makes a clicking sound meaning its muted) they hear the song I'm listening to, but not me anymore. How is it even picking up the music if the mic is off?

I've reinstalled realtek audio drivers, I've checked the rear panel and its connected green on green, pink on pink, I've updated drivers, I've rolled back drivers, I cursed, nothing worked.

It's really stressful, I can't play games with anyone because they all hear MY game everytime I say something and its annoying..

Please help me, whatever you guys say I should do, I WILL! Whatever settings you need me to print, just let me know.
Jun 23, 2020
I have the same issue, where discord is mixing up my master sound with my mic input, and i dont have the stereo mix thing to disable at all, even with show disabled/disconnected devices on. But you can check to see if ts the headphones by going into the sound control panel > Recording > right click on your mic > properties > Listen > and then check the Listen to this device box, make sure its outputting to your headphones, and click apply. This works for me, and my mic sounds great, but when i test my mic in discord, the problem still occurs. Sorry i dont have the full answer, but i tried to help haha. I couldn't figure out how to send pictures but if you got that far with the pictures ahead, you will probably find it.