Question Headset Playback issues.

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May 9, 2019
OK. So. I have searched though multiple threads and information about headsets playing stuff back though them and got nowhere so now I'm Here. I'm going to refer to Music but it is all sound, Game Audio, YouTube video, Live Stream, And sometimes others talking. So I have a cheap Onikuma Mic, This one to be exact and also am on Windows 10. So here's my problem. A) If I'm in a Voice Chat and have music playing, friends can hear my music. Loud and Clear. Mainly Listening to Spotify in a discord call or Game chat and everyone can hear my music. B) The Music is always going though my Mic. I can Mute the mic and music will go though but my voice won't. I have tried Stereo Mix, Going into Sound panels, and going into recording panels. Nothing works. Only way it stopped was disabling the whole mic from sounds panel. I know there are threads similar to this but from the ones I have read, how they fix it doesn't work for me. This issue came up recently as it never happened, or I didn't know about it, until now.
I just wanna play a game and not have to be muted the whole damn time I play, Please Help. If anyone needs to see something tell me how to get there and i'll post a screenshot.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that it seems that all Sound that goes though my Headset's speakers/Mufs is also going though the mic/audio Input. If I turn the volume gauge on my mic down to 0 it stops, but even 1% up and it starts again. I don't know why.
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