Headset recommendation, wired preferably, wireless ok.

So, a while back, my son's Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma started exhibiting odd symptoms, and will no longer work with Windows.

Works in Linux just fine, it seems. Details were here:

That said, while I'm no audiophile, I like the sound quality on it.

Any recommendations for a headset to replace it? Preferences are:

  • ■wired instead of wireless (that was my son's choice, he doesn't care to wait if the battery runs out - BUT, if you can charge and still use at the same time, he'd be fine with wireless)
    ■prefer volume control at/near the headset rather than needing to do so exclusively through a GUI
    ■If corded, preferably with cords that can be removed from the headset itself, rather than integrated into it. I'm figuring if the cable ever goes bad, then the cable itself can be replaced rather than throwing out the whole unit.
    ■Sound quality akin to the Chroma.
    ■Circumaural, with the padding for the ear cups such that your ears don't actually touch the speakers (the Chroma, as well as my Logitech G933, are like this).