[SOLVED] Headset recommendations ?


Dec 27, 2019
So i am on the look for a new headset. i currently have the artics 1 wireless and have been using them for over 2 years. i absolutely love them. i don’t do anything on my pc besides gaming and i use it on a daily basis but lately my headset has been giving me pain and discomfort around my ear and behind my ear lobe. i’ve never had this issue with this headset not even when it was new so i’m not sure why i’m having this issue now. but i think it’s time i upgrade my headset i want something that sounds good and is comfortable. I wear glasses so it’s hard to find a comfortable headset. any recommendations? nothing too expensive and i really need wireless connectivity. thanks
i picked up the Anker Soundcore Life Q20 last year and they've been great.
very comfortable, over ear, wired 3.5mm or wireless options, battery life for days, great sound, reasonably priced.