Question Headsets causing lag input in every game


Apr 14, 2018
Hello everyone, I come to introduce you to something very strange that is happening to me, I hope some of you can help me in some way.
I'm going to be brief ... For a few years I've got problem with general mouse delay in games, a strange delay in which it makes me look like I'm moving my mouse in an ice pack, I can notice delays also in FPS games the dolls are slow, change weapons among other things, I am an old user of a group of people who have the problem "Mouse input lag killing me" so we already tried several things, but I can speak what I tried.

3 Different constructions of PC, complete, currently my pc is i7 8700k gtx 1080ti 16gb 3000MHz.

I tried another 240hz monitor

I've tried 10+ different mice and keyboards all the time.

I've tried other headsets, both USB and P2.

FURMAN power conditioner, also UPS double conversion seinodal wave

And that's when I discovered something after so much time and money spent ...
Recently I've been letting my 8-year-old cousin play on my PC, so for him to play, I put the game in my individual sound box, where she has an individual plug in the wall outlet, and the connection of it with my PC is then I realized that whenever he finished playing, and I sat in the chair, the whole delay was gone and everything was fine (WTF?) I started to ask questions and so I decided to try to play in the box sound as standard windows audio device and game, and to my surprise ?? The lag disappeared instantly, the mouse was very responsive and perfect, my games started to work well as butter, the guns started to change faster and so I believed it was something like placebo, I decided to test for longer before doing this post.
And after a week the problem is still fixed with the sound box as the default device, but when I put my headset (HyperX Cloud 2) as the default audio device, anyway, the delay appears again, everything slows down.
I tried to connect the headset without the sound card, I tried to buy a P2 audio duplicator adapter and connect to the sound box and connect my headset together, I tried to connect the headset on the audio ports of the monitor, I TRIED ANOTHER HEADSET, I tried too put the sound box and headset to be heard together, but anyway I make the delay appears, this is very strange.
The delay only disappears completely when I put the speakers as standard, it's as if my PC were anti-headset's (But I had already tested other PC builds as another motherboard other processor and even then the problem appeared, so it is not problem with my PC).
It's like my PC was an anti-headset, but I can not play the sound box, I like playing with a headset and communicating with my btw friends, everyone knows.

Can you help me? Why is this happening? Should I test a wireless headset? Or is it basically the same with wire and would it be unnecessary?


You mention headsets in your thread's title, yet you've only mentioned the Hyper X Cloud II. What are the other audio equipment's you've used? Also, when posting a thread of troubleshooting nature, it's customary to include your full system's specs like so:

How old is your PSU?


Apr 14, 2018
I mentioned in the post that I tried other pc combinations, but anyway I'll tell you what I'm using now

CPU: 8700K
Placa-mãe: z370 aorus gaming
RAM: 16gb corsair vengeance 3000Mhz
SSD / HDD: 120gb kingston + 120gb intel + 1tb comum
GPU: gtx 1080ti
PSU: rm850x white 8 months
Chassi ? gabinete? NZXT s340

soundbox m300 microlab
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Jun 14, 2014
Have you tried using a different soundcard? Maybe the sound card/chip you're using just causes issues.
What happens if you just plug the headset into the port where you tend to have the speakers plugged (assuming you connect the headset either via usb or the front audio ports)