Heastsink Fan for my rig help please!!!


Jan 25, 2006
So I'm going to order my parts this week...need help on one more component.
I have no prior computer building knowledge/experience besides sticking in a new sound card/gpu, and to top it off I have shaky hands!
Anyways, here's how it's going to look.

GPU : 4850x2 (when it comes out, is it this month/soon for sure?)
CPU : E8400
Case : CM 690
Motherboard : Asus P5Q-pro
RAM : Mushkin 5-4-4-12 4gb DDR800
PSU :Corsair HX620
HD : WD 640GB 16mb buffer

Here's my question, what HSF would you recommend for my P5Q/CM 690 combination? I'm looking for something that is EASY to install, fits well on the P5Q, relatively inexpensive (under $50), and cools like a beast (planning to OC 8400 to 3.6).
I really want to get the Sunbeam core contact freezer, BUT I am not very confident in installing it, reading that the fit is really tight on the P5Q pro, might interfere with neighbouring parts, and uses a peg-system that might throw u off. Keep in mind this is my first computer built from scratch...so ya.
PLEASE give me suggestions! I want to order the parts tomorrow morning.