Heatsink fan pushpin will NOT go in


Apr 21, 2009
I got a new motherboard for my mother's computer after her previous one died. I have a brand new Asus P7H55-M Pro motherboard and transferred the i3 530 CPU and stock Intel heatsink fan. But, I just cannot get one of the pushpins to click into the motherboard. One other pushpin gave me a really hard time as well, but I managed to get it in. This last one is just plain stuck and I can't get it in or out. Any advice? I never anticipated having this much trouble with pushpins...

Rusting In Peace

Jul 2, 2009
The push pins are horrible. I don't really know what Intel were thinking about with this design. Anyway...

What I'd do to avoid damaging anything would be to remove the motherboard from the case so you can get access to the other side. Then carefully ensure the black locking part is unlocked and in the up position (so it's no longer pushing the white plastic out). If it's not moving far enough as it should then use some tools to try and gently push it up.

What may have happened is the white plastic part has expanded so far as to stay in that position regardless of the locking part. If this is the case then all you should need to do is use a pair of tweezers to contract it and gently push it through the motherboard fixture hole.

It's kinda hard to explain in text and difficult to know what's gone wrong without pictures!