Jul 13, 2009
I recently bought a Cooler Master Hyper n520, and wish to know what would be the best way to orient it. The case I am using is an Antec 900, so I can orient the heatsink fans so that hot air leaves through the back of the case or the top of the case. Which would be better for cooling?
If you actually have the luxury of mounting either way, then consider the airflow path over your memory modules, you haven't listed your M/B but I'd venture to say a front to rear airflow will pull air across your memory modules keeping them cooler.

Edit; Nice heatsink BTW


Sep 14, 2005

I think that it has more to do with your case fans orientation. For instance, my case has one 180mm fan front / bottom as an intake, my PSU is bottom mounted with its fans sucking in from the bottom and exiting to the rear, there is one 180mm fan top mounted that is also an intake, and a 120mm fan mounted near the top that exhausts. My HSF keeps my system happiest blowing directly into the 120mm exhaust.

My neighbour has two top mounted 120mm fans exhausting, one front 120mm intake, and a rear 120mm fan exhausting with a top mounted psu that also intakes from the case and then exhausts so his HSF is mounted top to bottom. That keeps his computer happiest.

A wee bit of experimentation may be required to see what works best for you.