Question Heatsink placement for GTX 1080 / Arctic Accelero III?

Feb 21, 2019
Hey everyone - long story short, I am upgrading my GTX 1080 with an Arctic Accelero Xtreme III GPU cooler. Part of this process is gluing heatsinks to PCB components. What isn't clear to me is what components need heatsinks and which ones dont?
I've color coded this reference design: View:
(alternative: )
  1. RAM - Green - I know these need heatsinks
  2. Voltage Controllers? - Yellow - do these need heatsinks?
  3. Capacitors? - Blue - do these need heatsinks?
  4. Mosfets - Red - I assume these need heatsinks?
5 . What are the purple components? I assume these don't need heatsinks?

Thank you to anyone who can provide some clarity. I didn't find any real guides on YouTube and the Arctic guide is not clear (the manual describes the process for a GTX 680 lol).
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