Question heavy bass/gaming headset recommendations


Aug 17, 2014
Hey there,
I've been googling around for the "best" headphones for audio (heavy bass) and gaming..
However most I get is completely non type of headphones I look for, I'm guessing those headphone reviews and suggestions are more for the average person that doesn't know much about headphones..

So therefore I wanna ask the community headphone users of what they could suggest in their opinion/experience.

So what do I have:
I've been a long term user of razer headsets, the "razer kraken" and now "razer nari Ultimate" headphones. But since they are expensive as hell and don't deliver the quality for the price tag. I'm giving up on their brand completely. I'm also completely fed up with it as right now on some certain frequencies I hear bad sound output.. Like sound of electricity, otherwise corrupt frequency.. I'm not even fully sure how to describe it but I hope someone can understand that haha.

What am I looking for:
I'm looking for the type of headset that goes perfectly with heavy bass songs. For example 'hardstyle' music genre. But I also would love to be immersed with them in gaming. Just like what razer Nari is.
I'm sure there are a lot of far better headphones than this. I don't care much about special things like microphone, sound cancelation, wireless.. The audio quality is top priority, as well as the build of it.
I do customize my own EQ a lot, since Razer software does provide a rather wide selection of frequency choices which I do love.
Budget: up to 300 Euros, maybe slightly more.

Any kind of suggestions and your own reviews are welcome !