Question Heavy duty desk mount monitor arm


Jul 27, 2016
I'm looking for a monitor arm for desk (200x200 VESA) that can support 15kg weight and can be moved 60cm odd from the mount position (for racing sims).
nice to haves: Tilt and black colour.
was wondering if you guys already have one or knew of a solid monitor arm that u could recommend!

Monitor: Aorus FV43U

i found this but says it's for ultra wides and doesn't say anything about vesa 200x200

thanks for reading :)
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Ergotron is one of the best mount suppliers.
Go to their web site:
There will be complete installation/spec diagrams.
Do not be too concerned about 200 x 200 vesa mount.
If the unit you like does not have 200 x 200, there are adapters available.
Of more importance is the weight of the monitor.
The strength range of the lift mechanism must be able to handle the weight of the monitor.
The monitor web site is not clear what the weight is for your unit.
It says estimated weight is 10. No units specified, and also no indication if it is without the stand attached.
The desk mounts can be done in several different ways. From screwed down to a clamp mechanism.
I think the HX unit comes with 200x200 mount capability.