Question Heavy ghosting while scrolling/moving anything on new monitor

Apr 29, 2020
Hey there,

I bought new monitor 27" GIGABYTE G27QC and it has really noticable ghosting while scrolling or just moving anything. I recorded it on my 240FPS camera in slowmotion (

This is when I turn night mode on (30/100) and scroll (

My previous monitor (also VA panel, 240Hz, 1080p) didnt have this issue (not so significant) and it bothers me a lot.

I tried changing refresh rate and changing many settings but nothing seems to fix it.

Also when I move in game, anything that's dark becomes even darker, it's hard to explain but any small movement with mouse will make dark objects be darker while I'm moving and it looks extra weird.

Is it normal or should I try something? If it's normal, I'll return it and go back to 1080p because this literally hurts lol.

(if it's caused by poor monitor model or panel type, which one up to 400€ would you recommend?)

Thanks a lot!