Question Heavy PC stutter in-game when using second monitor ?


Dec 15, 2020
Good day,

I'm having a strange issue on my PC after I installed my new AMD GPU. (It doesn't happen all the time and sometimes it just goes away by itself and everything works like normal).
When I'm in-game and I tab to my second monitor I get insane PC stutter. When I click back on my primary screen it all goes back to normal.
If I'm playing a YT video in my browser on my second screen and I'm playing a game on my main screen, it works fine, no stutter. Only as soon as I click over to the second screen that my entire PC stutter like crazy.
I've also noticed that it only happens when I run my browser, explorer, etc. in "full screen" on the second monitor. There seems to be like a boundary/margin close to the primary screen that causes the stutter. It's about the size of the icon of the start menu in the taskbar. If I move my browser a little bit away from the primary screen, it's fine.

(I game in 1080p)
A good example is when I play WoW. The game only allows you to go Windowed (Full screen). I'll move over to the other screen while in-game and then insane stutter/lag.
I get really good frames in my games if I just use the primary screen.
Sniper Elite 5 with everything on ultra I get between 150-170 fps.
Warzone with settings on High I get about 140-170 fps.

I upgraded from an RTX 2060 to an AMD RX 6800 XT. I never had this issue on my 2060, ever.
Friend of mine have pretty much the exact same specs, with the exact same GPU and CPU, but he doesn't have this issue at all.

I know the card is a bit overkill on 1080p, but I'm planning to eventually go over to 1440p after I've upgraded the cpu/mobo.

My specs (Yes, I know there's bottlenecking and I am planning on upgrading my cpu/mobo in a few months to the Ryzen 5 5600X).

CPU: Core i5-9600k
Motherboard: MSI Z370-A Pro
RAM: G.Skill F4-3200C16D Ripjaws V DDR4-3200Mhz 16GB (2x 8GB)
PSU: Super Flower SF-750F14MT(BK) Leadex 750W 80 Plus Silver Certified Fully Modular
Monitors: Primary - AOC C24G1 23.6" Full HD 144Hz Freesync Curved Gaming Monitor
Secondary - Dell 60Hz

OS: Win10 Pro on Evo Plus NVME 512gb

Monitor setup:
AOC 144hz (1080p)
Dell 60hz (Will upgrade in the future).

I've tried the following:

Disabled hardware acceleration in all the apps that I can.. Chrome, IE, Edge, Battle.Net, etc.
Ran DDU before I installed the new AMD GPU to make sure all the Nvidia drivers are off.
Reseated my GPU as well.
GPU temps are around 65-73 degrees Celsius, which is fine (Under load).
CPU temps are around 50-60 degrees Celsius (Under load).
Tried setting my primary screen to 120hz/60hz, same issue.
Changed the DP cable on my primary screen and the HDMI cable on my second screen.
Windows is fully up to date.
Latest AMD Adrenalin drivers installed.

Does someone please have an explanation for me or something I can try?

Kind Regards
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Dec 15, 2020
I have actually tried DDU again after I reseated the GPU.. 😕

Booted up in safe-mode and did it that way rather than normal mode. Same issue.. Makes me sad, lol.

What gets me is that there's a small margin where it happens and as soon as any window or browser is within that margin then it stutters. But if I keep stuff a little bit away from the primary screen, all works fine..