Question Heavy speed loss issues between router and powerline

Jan 17, 2020
Hi all,

I have a Sitecom router type WLR-9500, that has always worked fine, both on LAN and WiFi. For reference, there are 2 desktop PC's that are connected to it over a LAN cable (through a gigaswith) and with a speedtest (Ookla) I get a speed of approx. 280 Mbps on both of them. But because i needed Wifi on my attic tostream movies with a Wifi beamer, and I don't have the possibility to pull an additional cable over to the attic, I bought TP-Link AV1300 gigabit powerline set.

For some reason, there are issues in the wired connection between the router and this powerline set, as the max. speed that i'm getting through it is limited to 5 MBPS. But this only happens when the powerline is connected to the router. During all my testings, i've connected the powerline adapter straight to my modem, and in that case i had a speed of 40 Mbps on the 2,4 Mhz band and even 108 Mbps on the 5 Mhz band. So this means that the powerline itself is also working fine (there is obviously always a loss somewhere, i'm well aware of that).

But the fact remains that the speed is heavily cut off in the straight connection between the router and the powerline adapter. Do you see an explication and a solution for that ? Could i somehow change something in the settings ?

Something i've noticed in the DHCP status of my router is that only the endpoint of the powerline adapter (the wifi station) has received an IP-adress. But perhaps that is normal ?

Please don't comment on the pros and cons of powerlines, as i'm well aware of that. My question is really on the issue in the connection between the router and powerline.

Thanks for your feedback
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