[SOLVED] heavy stuttering while in games

Nov 2, 2018
I recently begin to have a stuttering problem in most of the games I play, PUBG, Insurgency Sand storm, Squad, Deus Ex, and even Overwatch but not as much.

I have a Ryzen 5 2600
Asus B450 PRIME Plus
Corsair LPX 3000 MHz Ram 16 GB
windows installed on a SSD
Hard drive for games
EVGA 1070 Ti
EVGA bronze 650 Power Supply

My system ran fine when I had a rx580 but it had defective fans so I took it back for a refund. I was able to pick up a 1070 about the same price (all from micro center) and that's when the stuttering begin. I reinstalled windows and could not get rid of the stuttering so I took back the 1070 and replaced it, both were founders editions. the second 1070 had the same issue so I took it back and was able to get a 1070 ti for the same price. I reinstalled windows once again and used older drivers and the stuttering was significant less but still enough to ruin games. I don't have any problems with temps my CPU usually sits at 35-40 Degrees while gaming, water cooled, and my GPU never gets over 75. also when the stuttering happens I'm not getting low frames usually around 90 in PUBG.
I restored all default settings in bios.
It runs a lot better when I disable the XMP profiles on the ram.

Also while monitoring everything with MSI Afterburner during the stuttering my frame time shoots up for a second but the freeze can last up to 2 seconds. Afterburner also shows that I am hitting a voltagelimit but I'm not sure what that means.
Nov 2, 2018

ill try it as soon as I get back home. Sorry forgot to include that info I have an acer KG1 27 inch 75Hz and I play at 1440p



Apr 1, 2013
I had similar problems when changing video card manufacturers. I went from an Nvidia 780 to an AMD R9 390x and ran crappy and crashing every time I played high graphics games. Did everything imaginable.
First, turn off Vsync (vertical sync) in the game and Gsync in the display controls.
Go into each game and reset or default all your games. Make sure you write down your settings as they will be gone. Run your computer game. Games have a sheepish memory for remembering crashing and stuttering like game settings.
If it works, the next step is optional.
What worked for me was getting the old Nvidia drivers completely out of the computer. The old Nvidia driver was fragmented and was invisible to uninstalling software (Revo Unistaller) (DDU) (Ccleaner). Old drivers have to be completely off. What I did was reinstall the old Nvidia driver so the uninstall software could see it. I then ran Ccleaner's uninstaller and installed the latest AMD R9 390x driver, it ran perfect. No crashes. There's a lot of good uninstalling software out there. I've use Your Uninstaller, Driver Easy, Revo uninstaller, Ccleaner. Most are free to try. Make sure you get them from manufacturer's site. Getting it from Cnet or most anywhere else will load on ads.
If you still have stuttering problems there's a memory setting in the game folders you will need to reduce. It has something to with video trying to catch up with game/internet feed. And is more stuff to type down. But try this stuff first and let me know.
Hope this helps.