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Question Hellish seconddary storage!

May 18, 2020
It all started when i frist build my rig 2-3 years ago. i put in 256gb of ssd storage to act as a snappy first storage option, and a 1tb hardisk for bulk storage, Games, movies, all the good <Mod Edit>. over time things started to go south. my computer stredet to react bad to using bigger files, like big games or having alot of <Mod Edit> open. before long it all out frozze up when just using my my computer. i fiddled alot around with it, and ended up pulling the plug on the 1 tb. and then everything worked fine again. but soon i found out thet 256 gb of ssd storage is not close to egenough, so i put back on the hardisk. and yet again <Mod Edit> started to <Mod Edit> up. so i pulled the plug again, and got away from gamming for a year. now i started using my rig again, and decided that buying a new hardisk and upgading the ram to 16gb was a good idea. in the start it worked fine but now my pc is starting to slowly frezzing up again.
Can anybody help me with this issue?
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