[SOLVED] Hello, could I get some insight/help with a PSU for a streaming/gaming PC?


Jun 16, 2017
Greetings! I'm currently caught in a dilemma with my plans for a streaming pc. I own a Ryzen 5 2600x that I got for cheap a couple weeks ago and soon I'll have enough to purchase a graphics card, RAM, Motherboard, an SSD and a PSU for this streaming and gaming PC. The only things I'm salvaging from my old pc are the HDD and the case. I have a Corsair CX 450 inside said pc but after doing some research I'd rather not have it inside the streaming Pc. Which brings me to my issue, which PSU could I get?

I'm looking to socket in either a GTX 1660ti or an RX 590. I'm mostly leaning towards the RX 590 due to it being cheaper than the 1660ti.

Now I understand Seasonic PSU's are some of the best, but in my country, I can't find one that's decently priced which leaves me with less than optimal options. I also did some research for the required wattage of the PC and I should be okay if I get something with at least 550w, as long as its gold certified. My problem now is that neither a local vendor (who tends to have very competitive prices) nor Amazon have 550w gold cert. PSU's in stock.

Could I get some recommendations for the PSU? I'm working with at most 80 USD for the PSU. Granted prices vary from country to country so I'll be checking the different options you guys might recommend. Thanks in advance!