Question Hello got a question about the rtx 2060s.

Jan 27, 2022
I was wondering about brands to avoid and what specs to keep a lookout for? I have a 1050 right now, i looked at the performance differences between the 2060s and 30 series and didnt see that much a difference besides the ray tracing and power usage and a couple extra frames. Are they worth the 6 to 700 dollars? they seem to be in stock unlike everything else.
The 30 series is much better value than the 2060. No they aren't worth $700 but neither is a 2060 worth $400-$500. Your much better off with a 3060 or 3060 Ti if you can afford one. If you're on a 1050 though, I'm going to assume you don't have more than a quad core CPU, if not you would benefit from upgrading if your going with a card like that.
Oh didn't answer the brand thing. As long as it's a known brand I wouldn't worry too much. Usually each brand will do reference versions and overclocked versions, the latter being slightly faster and a little more expensive. Personally I'd just buy whatever you can get your hands. Though if you asked me to name a couple, I'd go for the Asus Tuf 3060 or Palit 3060. Avoid single fan solutions.