Question Hello, had a weird black screen issue when loading game in full screen.


Mar 28, 2016
gtx 970 (Was hoping nividia's 3000 series cards were coming soonish :/) up to date drivers.
Noctua my-d15 cooler
Gigabyte z390 Aorus pro
32gb Corsair lpx (I think that is the name) @3000mhz
Corsair rmx 850w gold 80+ psu
3 Asus monitors all 144hz 1080p

With what has recently been going on in the world and that causing me to be home a bit more than usual, I decided to start playing Dark Souls 2. I don't usually play games in full screen, only Borderless Windowed. Dark Souls 2 doesn't have a borderless windowed option that I could find, just windowed, so I decided to just play full screen.

When I load up dark souls 2, all 3 of my monitors seem to freeze for a quick second and I always thought it was normal because I figuard things were adjusting themselves. The game also runs at a forced 60hz.

A few moments ago I loaded up the game (This is maybe the 10th time i've loaded it up) and for the first time, all 3 of my monitors went black, I could still hear the streams I had on my other monitors, my cursor was visible but frozen, would not move and it stayed this for about 20 seconds. While this was going on the game was still loading up and acting normal, but I think steam was trying to also open itself up to alert me I connected my controller and what not at the same time. Now I am not sure if Steam was actually coming up to the foreground, honestly I might just be hoping this is the explanation heh.

I looked at the event viewer and no problems were listed or anything of the sort. When I got back to my desktop, it was black but I could see my taskbar. However it seemed to fix itself and be visible again when I alt tabbed.

I can get paranoid when little things go wrong and I am sorry if this is a dumb question but does any of this sound normal to anyone? I was thinking the game was being brought up, adjusting everything to be full screen, but steam was also fighting to come up at the same time and that is all it was. Again I don't usually play games in full screen, this is basically the first, so I am not used to these things happening.

thank you :).
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