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Question Hello, how do I squeeze some more FPS that seems to be unused by my machine

Dec 2, 2019
So, hello my name is Paul.
Some time ago I bought a Dell Inspirion 15 to play games and be able to explore more of PC, before this laptop I used to be a console player, with many regrets after experiencing Alt+Tab, infinite free games plus mouse and keyboard.
However to load some more busty or bad optimized games I ran into some problems with my laptop, I discovered the dark web from mobile PC's which is power management, I don't know why but it seems like a lot of people want to go really mobile not having to be plugged into electricity and be able to run GTA5:O 4k 144fps but that kinda placed me in a bad spot.

I found out my laptop had infinite ways to choose energy over performance, I always play with my machine plugged in energy, and I rarely ever unplug it. My problem is that my specs seem to be a bit downgraded from my full potential because when I finally discovered the infinity beyond options to decrease my performance I tried to change everything to ''please just run it smooth'' mode. For you to have an idea, graphics card, some Bios settings, intel hardware, Vsync options that were killing my mental health giving me hundreds of mouse lag, Dell's battery-saving program, dude, it was a nightmare.

So, after that whole story I told you, I'd like some of your help to change all the possible power-saving options you may know from everywhere so my precious games can work out just fine.

Specs :

I7 - 7700HQ CPU @2.80 GHz
Nvidia GTX 1050
16Gb Ram

OBS - If you need any more information from me, please feel free to ask, I'll update the thread with the data your looking for if you tell me how to get it
Btw thanks for reading, even if you don't have a solution just you're will to help me has made me grateful
Dec 2, 2019
We can't possibly even guess tot he changes you made or where you made them to undo all that you've done.

I would suggest just installing windows from scratch and beginning fresh all over again.
But don't you know anywhere where I can check for those configs so I can change it?
If I reinstall windows but have a backup with my data would it work?


Do you have important stuff on there that you don't want to lose ?

yes? - then you purchase a backup drive, or two, and put copies of those files on it. the more copies of files ou have , kept on separate devices then the safer they are.

no? - reinstall windows.