Aug 16, 2021
Hello, i have acer nitro 5, it currently has windows 10 installed in it, i baught a WD Blue sn550 500gb ssd, i only know how to insert it inside lapotp and close laptop, i dont know how to setup it and use it, someone pelsse tell me what do I have to do, should i first format my windows 10 then insert ssd, or should i first insert ssd then format.
Dude this is Windows download link lmao, i know how to do it, i want to know how to use ssd and set up ssd and install windows on my ssd
Odd the link I posted was to a step by step install procedures I don't know why it auto sent you to the download..

Install the boot loader to the USB
Once it's installed on the usb plug into the target pc...
Once plugged in to the target pc boot the PC to USB. From there let windows installer launch then click recommended ininstall if it tells you need device found the click custom install format the ssd to be partitioned and install to the ssd. Once the system shuts off for restart you have 1.5s basically to remove the USB from the port so the system boots and finishes the install... if you leave the USB plugged in the pc may boot loop in a since to the install screen.... it won't break anything just shut off the pc and unplugg the USB at that point and turn the pc back on it will still do what it needs to to finish it's install