Question Hello. I just purchased a ryzen 3200g and paired it with a radeon rx 590-I'm having issues :.(

Apr 7, 2020
According to gpu bottle neck website, I should have a very low bottle neck potential and I should be getting reasonable frame rates in games. In fortnite though, even at low settings, I cannot exceed 58FPS. what is the best way to optimize the two components? Do I need to overclock either? Does my wifi have anything to do with frame rates? please help! thanks :)
Apr 7, 2020
those bottleneck website is unless.

full system spec? include make and model of the psu
cpu/gpu temp and usage during the game?
ram/ssd/hdd usage during the game?

I will figure out how to do all of that. My friend suggested the nzxt cam to figure out the things you said. Haha sorry this is my first build. View:

Cpu: amd ryzen 3 3200g
GPU: Radeon rx 590 series
motherboard: gigabyte b450m Ds3H wifi-CF
Ram: Geil CL16-18-18 D4-3200 DDR4 x2
Storage: Samsung SSD 970 EVO 500 GB

No Audio- just what is part of motherboard

Here are screen shots of what I am seeing. Prior to this I watched a youtube video and it had me change many of the radeon driver settings and my fps seemed to jump up........


You can play CSGO with a core2duo and a 660ti and get fps well beyond a 60Hz monitor refresh. You can play CSGO with a i9 9900k and 2080ti and the picture on that monitor will look exactly the same. Well beyond monitor refresh. Not exactly a bottleneck anywhere. You could even swap the gpus around and still get the same picture. BF5 is a whole different story.

So how some random website can say for sure you have a bottleneck when there's plenty of game intensity variance anywhere from CSGO to BF5 is absurd. That's like someone claiming there's a 20% it'll rain, but neglecting to say where or when or for how long.

What most ppl don't get is that fps is set by the cpu. It pre-renders all the frames possible per second. Gpu will not change that. Gpu only finish renders according to resolution and details. So changing detail settings does nothing for fps, only changes the amount of work the gpu has to do to get the fps onscreen.

This means if the cpu is good for 200fps, then it's on the gpu to live upto that. If lowering details raises fps, that means there's some sort of issue with the gpu, either its not strong enough or drivers are funked etc. If changing details doesn't do much of anything, that's a cpu issue, either its maxed out and can't do more, or there's a hangup somewhere. But at no time will lowering details to minimum get you more than the 200fps as that's all the gpu has to work with.

Check your settings. Global settings of low or ultra are a good place to start, but many games have a ton of post-processing and lighting affects, even 2k-4k DSR which can and will drop fps like a brick yet show almost no real difference in game. Yet are brutal on a gpu. I don't need to see the shadow and shading on some targets zit at 600 yards, but the gpu will definitely try to get it there, and it's all those uber fine details that slaughter fps from the gpu. Just like grass detailing in gta5, you barely recognize a field of grass you just drove past, you are concentrating on not getting shot from the car behind you, yet the gpu will try desperately to enable every single blade of grass in multiple colors, shading, shadows, movement etc. Brutal. And a DSR just makes it worse.

Make sure in windows that Xbox DVR and game helper is disabled totally, there's multiple games that have far too many conflicts with them and they do nothing but kill fps from the cpu