Question Hello! Just have wondering what my best settings for Streamslabs OBS will be!

Jun 5, 2022
Hello! ive been streaming for about 5 years off and on, and i recently got back to it! i also recently upgraded my rig! so now my specs are
Processor: Intel Core i9-10900k
Motherboard: MSI MEG Z490 ACE Gaming Motherboard
Memory: 32gb Ram
M.2 Drive: Samsung 970 EVO 500GB M.2 SSD
Graphics Card: Asus Dual 3060TI

i don't mean to be lazy for posting here, so please don't attack me, but I was wondering if there was someone out there that could help me figure out some good streamlabs obs settings for my rig. in the past I've been bothered with skipped frames and lag cus of preview and such, but now that I got some more power I would like to find some good settings for streaming COD onto twitch in 1080. I know the "basics" of obs, but there is all the output settings like encoder settings, preset, profile, and so on that im finding hard to understand, and also the "video" settings.
thanks in advance!