Question Hello, Want to get started in electronics, Soldering PCB etc.


Sep 10, 2013
Hello, I have been messing around with SBC for years now, I want to to start learning more about electronics, I have seen videos of people soldering & fixing graphics cards by removing Faulty Memoy Modules & changeing them out, then using flux & other things to put the chips back on.. My Question.,

Can someone recommend me a really good kit to work & learn electronics & make projects for myself & my Son or Daughter..
Maybe a wire board & copacitors & some DYI prodects books, that give you the schematics to build?

Thank you


May 18, 2019
I learned electronics formally. I feel fortunate in that I have a basic understanding of the building blocks. And there are many, many blocks on top of blocks. I was also fortunate that the meters I used for learning were almost identical to the ones in Edison's lab!

I would suggest you find a syllabus for EE101: voltage, current, resistance, power, energy, Norton and Thevenin, with superposition thrown in, too. Then inductance, capacitance, AC impedance, phase and all sorts of AC phenomena.

With these concepts understood, you can understand why capacitors are sprinkled on the board and what type does what function. What inductors do and why you need a fly-back diode across your relay coil. (etc.)

Soldering is a skill learned by practice. There are some good youtube videos to help with that.

There are basic electronic kits that will help you learn these things. This can be a great learning adventure.

After that, you can get some kits, like this one that will show you how to put it all together.

From here, the best way to learn is to figure out your own project. For example, I learned a heck of a lot trying discern gold from copper using a 128x128 pixel black and white camera; it had to be done in 2.8 seconds, too. Alas, I was unsuccessful in doing so, but for the next project I had a lot of really cool tools! (pulling a syringe at a constant force or speed. trivial now, but try doing without a SBC)

So step away from your middle point and start from the beginning.

Good luck!

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Nov 29, 2021
Ditto with learn the basics and the best way to do that, from my experience which is maker/RC focused, is have a need aka a project and make it.

Depending on your daughters age it would be good to do something she would enjoy as well as you.

Some basic things would be arduino based robotics, Led control, etc.

Good luck!
Check this out. You can practice on this once you do your formal studies.

AM FM Radio Kit Soldering Project Kit for Learning Practicing Teaching Electronics, Great STEM Project and Gift, New Version

our high school offered vocational training in electricity and electronics and I took all three years and we built an a.m. radio at the end and it was a lot of fun and we got to fix TVs

our a.m. radio kit had actual discrete transistors 😂😂😂