Question Hello, would like to ask if this pingplotter screenshot looks good for gaming


Jun 25, 2019
Hello would like to know some questions about this pingplotter test, i am asking it for a guy, because he says he is having lags

  1. why does he start at hop 2, if he says he has a router, shouldnt he start hop 1 then
  2. is 11 hops to server alot for gaming, its very hitreg based game, the less hops is usually better yes?
  3. what is the overall picture of this screenshot of his, and does the ping go smooth?
he also asks should he contact his isp for any solutions?
he lives in Poland, should he change isp?

what more could he do?
Sometimes it is better to not use tools you do not understand.

There is nothing wrong with the trace.

Even if there was there is nothing you can do. You can't do anything about the path data takes or if there was loss or delays calling your ISP is a waste of time. It many times is not even in their network so they can't do anything.

The number of hops means nothing all that really matters is the latency. Latency when things are working well is a measure of distance. It is some percentage of the speed of light so you can not fix or change that.

Maybe a different ISP would have a different path but using a different ISP is not a option for most people and it is highly unlikely you are going to get better numbers anyway.
Jul 31, 2020
1. I gave up using PingPlotter because I had problems with it. See if you can get your friend to use tracert or traceroute, depending on O/S. On my Windows 8.1 system, tracert does see and report the router as the first hop.
2. I can literally walk from my house in Philadelphia to Drexel University in one half hour, but it takes 14 hops (including a trip to Delaware) for an IP packet to traverse the same distance. It takes only 12 hops for a packet to go to New York City. Packet transfer times depend on the number of IP routers (hops), the capacity and queue length of each router, and the size of the pipes between routers (see Wikipedia contributors. (2020, July 13). T-carrier. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 11:11, August 5, 2020, from ). In my experience IPv4 is much faster than IPv6.
3. A telephone call to one's ISP can't hurt. The vast majority of businesses welcome feedback on their performance because the environment is so competitive.