HELP! 5870 in CF, crazy thrashing glitch when running full 3d


Sep 13, 2010
I'm having serious issues running any game in full screen 3D. Namely BF3 and BFBC2. When I enable CF the game will load but will artifact like mad, some blue verticle lines and all kinds of insanity. Nothing is overheating. Everything is very cool. Games run perfect on either card alone with CF disabled. Running 11.10 beta drivers. Also tried 11.9, 11.8 etc. Nothing is fixing my issue. I even reinstalled windows, but to no avail. I cannot get CF to work without having serious issues in full screen 3d.

Anyone have any ideas? I don't overclock anything in my system and both cards operatio flawlessy by themself. I have both crossfire bridges spanning across both cards. CCC recognizes both cards. They're both 1GB 5870s...It USED to work wonderfully - until recently. I have a beefy 950 w PSU....

Thanks in advance.