Question Help!!! 7 pin PWRCMD with new psu with 24 pin

Dec 30, 2022
Hello! I just recently got a new power supply for my computer, and I opened up the power supply box and it has a 24-pin power connector that is supposed to be plugged into the motherboard. The problem is, my motherboard does not have a 24 pin slot. It has a seven pin slot at the bottom of the motherboard that says pwrcmd. I tried looking online for any 24-pin to 7 pin power connectors so I could power my computer, but I only found 24-pin to six pin connectors. Do I have to get a new motherboard that has a 24-pin power connector, or is there a power supply that has a seven pin pwrcmd plug. Thanks!


Retired Moderator
I'm assuming this is an HP motherboard? Adapters exist, but they're likely labelled 8pin rather than 7 - if there's 7 pins, it'll still be within a "block" of 8 (4 bottom, 3 top or vice-versa), but one of the connectors/pins will be blank.

Potentially the "to 6 pin" adapters may work, if the 7th pin is ground. Would need more info on the PC/Motherboard specifically.