Sep 20, 2023
Hi, I've managed to turn on my PC remotely by using a smart plug controlled through an app. I've set Restore AC Power Loss to "Power ON" in the BIOS (ASUS Prime Z-790P Wifi), so my PC boots up successfully when using the smart plug.

However, suddenly cutting the power doesn't feel sustainable - I don't want to corrupt or lose anything. Doing a normal shutdown does not allow the smart plug to turn on the PC again.

My question: Is it possible to make the PC interpret a normal shutdown as a power loss with a script or something? Or are there any other obvious (and simpler) workarounds I'm missing to make this work?

Edit: WOL also isn't an option as its not connected via an ethernet cable, only WiFi
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I have not used one of these in this capacity, but what about a smart wireless relay connected in parallel with the power button?

It would require you to run a wire from the relay unit to the power connector on the motherboard or to splice into the line for said, but tripping it would be just the same as a press on the power button and the subsequent action that would perform.

When I was doing this I would use the sleep option and then the boot on power restore option would work but the OS was still cleanly closed. Problem is sometime the bios and microsoft are too smart with all the levels of sleep.