Question Help about Laptop (Dell G15)

Jan 25, 2022
Hello everyone, I was planning to buy a RTX3060/3060ti for my desktop. But my wife need a laptop right now, to use as a teacher.

Looking for prices here where I live, I saw a difference between the GPU and one Laptop with the same GPU. The RTX3060 here have a 2/3 price of a G15 with RTX3060 and 165Hz IPS display. It's worth to buy a G15 with I7 11gen for gaming and work?

A good basic laptop with 8GB and Ryzen 3500H is the same 2/3 price of the G15. For comparision, the G15 can be found for R$7.200,00 in promotions, the RTX3060 for around R$4.500,00 and the basic laptop for R$3.500,00 or more.

To get the same experience of the laptop in my dekstop, I will need to update my old 720p monitor and buy the RTX3060. That will cost around R$ 6.500,00.

I always been against gaming laptops. But I think now it's the better choice, I'm right?

Thank you!