Question [Help/Advise] i9 10900k CoreV at 1.34V and CoreSpeed 4.9Mhz (on 50%load) Do I need to undervolt?

Dec 21, 2020

I just build a new PC and I am facing the following problems. Please note no OC has been done. Everything is straight out of the box. BIOS setting on Auto (no XMP profile even activated)
When playing games or doing light load work I noticed my Core Voltage rise to 1.34V and all Cores were at 4.8-5Mhz.
After working/playing for 12hours I noticed that the side panel of the PSU was super hot and so was the PSU. On opening the side panel it did seem to cool off a bit.

  • i9 10900k
  • Asus ROG strix Z490-E gaming
  • Asus TUF RTX 3070
  • Corsair Ven LPX 16GBx2 (3600)
  • Corsair HX1200watt
  • Deepcool Assassin III
  • 2 NVME SSD
  • 1 HDD
  • 2 140mm fans on top [Corsair AF] currently acting as exhaust
  • LianLi RGB MESH II

Initially my PC would crash(BSOD) during stress Testing on Intel Xtreme Utility and CPU-z.
Prime95 and AIDA64 seems to run fine on a stress test. (AVIX disabled)
PC would also randomly freeze and restart after few hours even when there was no LOAD
FIX: I Flipped the switch on my PSU from multi rail to single rail and now it passes all the test as well as no BSOD/crashing.

Now my computer keeps running on 1.34V and heats up the PSU rather quickly. I noticed the PSU fan does not spin on 100% load or even 50% but seemingly keeps getting hot.
Opening the side panel of PSU did seem to cool it off a little.

I ran another stress test on Prime95 and CPU-z and noticed the coreV at 1.1V - 1.2V. All the core were clocking at 4.3MHz - 4.5MHz. The PSU was also luke warm.
I ran Cyberpunk again for 2-3hrs. The CoreV was constantly at 1.34V. All the core were at 4.9MHz. PSU became very hot. (After 6hrs under these conditions the PSU fan would still not spin)
I ran some youtube vids and Photoshop 3-4hrs. The core was between 1.31V - 1.34V all cores 4.8
On idle the coreV 1.190 and 8 cores at 4.8MHz while 2 cores randomly goes to 800MHz to 5000MHz

how can I reduce the coreV to be around 1.2V even when cpu is 100%. I saw this but didn't quite understand it well

Is the PSU heating like this normal? The fan only spins on boot and never after that, is this a problem?
Is there some BIOS setting I can adjust or fix the core voltage?
Intel says the maximum ram frequency should be 2933 while min is 3600. Do i have to get it replaced?

CPU at 50% Utilization (Cyberpunk)
CPU at 1% Utilization

I dont need OC or a constant 5MHz for my daily 12hr work/game. I would prefer a less stressed machine that would last longer and cooler.
Your advice would be greatly appreciated

Thank you!
If your case is hot to the touch, clearly the radiators' exhaust fans only are not sufficient for ridding the case of heat...

Are there any other intake and/or exhaust fans?

As for core voltage tweaks, you can easily apply some negative offset with Intel's XTU....

However, you have not actually identified your CPU's actual core temps at idle or load, but, merely it's clock speeds, case temp, and % of utilization, etc...

(However, a hot to the touch case implies the interiors temps are quite similar...which is not good)
Dec 21, 2020
Thank you for having a look and your reply

My case seems to be heating only in the PSU area.

I have 3 intakes in the front
1 intake on the top (near the front)
1 exhaust on the top (near the end)

Is using Intel's XTU stable? I have not really messed with it since I dont have much idea.

I noticed my PSU rail to be on single. Could this be the reason why its heating so much? Will switching to multi be better?

I checked HWmontior my Temps are as follows
on Idle 35-45C
on load 65-72C

Again its just the PSU getting super hot. (maybe 60C?) The power supply has a Zero RPM mode which switches on the FAN when the temperatures are high.

I also noticed the core volt for every Core and they are
on Idle 1.2V
on load 1.34V-1.38V

I havnt touched any OC setting on the BIOS everything is left on auto

I noticed if I put sync all cores to 48
the Core Volt settles in between 1.25V-1.3V on all cores. The downside is I noticed the CPU become a bottleneck for GPU as the textures in games dont load fast enough and they pop as low and after 2-3mins switch to high

Is drawing 1.34-1.38V causing my PSU to heat up?

Thank You!