Question Help -- after the installation of a new GPU some weird colours appeared


Jun 24, 2014
Hello, a couple days before i installed a new gpu (msi rx 580 8gb armor oc)
at first i didnt do DDU and at random times my pc went bsod (not only while gaming)
so i dicided that i have to do a DDU , after that the same problem continued.

(*i also did memtest86 for my ram to determine if it was ram that caused the bsod , and i tested the ssd and hdd also and no problems where found.)

And after that i tried to do a format and clean installation of windows egain , which i did
After i installed the windows , i installed the GPU driver and after the installation was copleted the colors of the screen where extremely weird
after that i did a reboot on my pc and everything was fine.
my question is if this is normal or my gpu or something alse in my pc isnt working right?
PC specs:
Motherboard: MSI b150m mortar
CPU: i5-6600k
RAM: 2x8gb corsair value select ddr4 2133
GPU:Msi rx580 8gb armored oc
CPU COOLING: CoolerMaster 212evo
SSD: ssd samsung 860 evo 250gb
HDD: WD Purple 1TB
PSU: 500w 80+ bronze (the factory that produced it is from my country so is pointless to say the brand)
OS: Windows 10 pro 64bit