[SOLVED] Help and Thoughts on 1440p monitors


Sep 26, 2013
Hi all - if this is a repeat thread I apologise.

I am looking into upgrading my monitor which is currently a 144hz 1080p TN panel. The monitor is good, but I am interested in upgrading to a 1440p display and there seems to be a lot to look at from a tech perspective. My primary use for the monitor would be gaming including FPS.

I think I want to land on an IPS panel which seems to be a good mid ground between color accuracy \ pixel refresh over VA. While I don't anticipate needing THE BEST color accuracy I might do some photo editing with this as well and decent color accuracy would be nice. I would like to stay at 144hz if possible (I know it's really overkill and I'll need a gfx card to push a frame rate to match but it seems like most monitors the mid tier bracket are over 144hz anyway). I would also like GSync compatibility and HDR. (I know.... I feel like I'm looking for a unicorn ha ha)

I would like to grab something I would be happy with for the next few years so I am okay spending a bit more if it makes sense. That said I don't want \ need anything that costs more than a tv :p

Some things I am not sure on:
  1. Different motion blur reduction features - seems like everyone has a different name for the same thing
  2. Using motion blur reduction with VRR - not sure what cross talk is (if I'm using that term properly) is it worth enabling VRR and Motion Blur reduction at the same time? It seems like that would be something I would want to do (enable both) and get a super smooth experience?
  3. Full array local dimming - is it worth looking into yet or would I be fine with edge lit? (Seems like it adds cost... Is it worth it?)

A couple of monitors I have found are in the $600 ish price range and the two I have set my sights on are:

  1. Asus ROG Strix XG279 (seems like there are QC issues with Asus and Acer?)
  2. Gigabyte FI27Q-P

I am not married to these two specifically and would be curious to see what you guys think \ might suggest as an alternative. I am sure most monitors, especially in this bracket, would be a step up from what I have now.

Any help is always appreciated, thanks!