HELP! Answers, and explanations needed!


Sep 28, 2011
Here is my PC i plan on Upgrading my Graphics card to, or Im not quite sure about wether i have space, or if i need to upgrade the PSU or if my system can even handle it. PLEASE HELP!! if you have any better suggestions it would be welcome. My Budget for both is 50-100 for either one. :bounce:
The link to the second video card you listed is broken, but the Sapphire 5670 should run fine on that system. The Dell 350 Watt power supply will be able to power that card, the 5670 only uses 66 Watts I believe. The 5670 isn't a big card, so it will fit in that case without any trouble.
The 4670 is another low power card, it doesn't need an auxiliary power connector, unless you are using the AGP version. Since your are using the PCI Express version, that is a non-issue. Either of those cards will work fine, though the 5670 is the faster of the two.