Question HELP!!! Anyway to UNFUBAR my RAID 1 drive?

Feb 20, 2019
I have the X58A-UD3R motherboard running windows 7(I know it's old, I have another windows 10 laptop but for that desktop purposes didn't really need to upgrade until a new build); I was getting BSODs on startup, and it kept BSODing randomly on repair and even safe mode, long story short I ended up running chkdsk that found and fixed errors on my C drive and memtest reported errors, but after reseating the memory modules it found no errors after repeated cycles and runs fine.

Not sure if it was something that happened in chkdisk or the bios got reset to previous config, but when I finally fixed the issues and logged into windows I noticed my D storage drive which was a single partition RAID 1 mirror(two 4TB drives)configured on the mobo Gigabyte SATA 2 controller was showing up as two separate drives in Windows. In retrospect I was an idiot, but I went into the BIOS and saw that the peripheral setting for that drive was set back to IDE, so I changed it back to RAID/IDE and went CTRL+G at boot to setup the RAID 1 again. When Windows booted up it was no longer recognizing the drive so I went to diskmgmgt where it asked me to choose MBR or GPT. I selected GPT, but then it was asking to format the drive, luckily I said no. Is there anyway to repair the table or was it overwritten when I selected GPT or earlier during the bios RAID setup? The drive would have been the same config before as well as GPT since MBR doesn't support partitions larger than 2TB.

When I run a trial EaseUS recovery software the files and folder structure seem to be intact(the preview after running about an hour of the estimated 14 hrs), and short runs of the iCare/Stellar seem to be finding the same data integrity, so is there an easier way to directly undo the damage I did without the long process of recreating the files and then saving them elsewhere? If the recovery software is the only option what is the best one for recovering the files and the folder structure the files were in?

I'm an idiot, but hopefully someone can help me undo the mess I've created. Thanks in advance!

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