Question [HELP] Attempting OC on 9700k with aorus z390 ultra


Nov 19, 2017
Hello, I'm trying to overclock my new pc but since I'm new to OC I would like to have some feedback about results and if what I'm doing is wright.
Intel 9700k with aorus z390 ultra
That's the complete build:
I read some guides and I started with a slight overclock (4.7-4.8 GHz); anyway I don't want to push it at much more higher values in order to keep temperature and noise lower.
cpu Vcore 1.25V, cpu clock ratio 47, AVX offset AUTO, core current mimit 255, XMP active, undercore ratio 45, cpu Vcore loadline calibration TURBO, cpu internal loadline AUTO,
I DISABLED: Enhanced multi-core performance, Intel Turbo boost technology, cpu flex ratio override, intel speed shift technology, C1-C3-C6/7-C8-C10 state support, SVID offset
(pased 30 min with prime95, maxT 66°C)

(in the following tests, all settings are the one of test1 excepts what listed below)
Test2: cpu Vcore 1.23V (passed 1h of realbench)
Test3: cpu Vcore 1.215V (passed 1h of realbench)

Test4: cpu Vcore 1.215V, cpu Vcore loadline calibration HIGH, cpu clock ratio 48 (passed 1h of realbench)
Test5: cpu Vcore 1.205V, cpu clock ratio 48 (passed 45min of realbench)
Test6: cpu Vcore 1.215V, cpu clock ratio 48, AVX 0 (passed 2h of realbench)
Test7: cpu Vcore 1.210V, cpu clock ratio 48, AVX auto (passed 90min prime95)
Test8: cpu Vcore 1.200V, cpu clock ratio 48, AVX auto (passed 1h prime95)

I started having freezes during the bench if I set AVX to values different from 0 or auto with prime95 after approximatively 15min. I increase uncore to 46 the system crashes with both prime and realbench.
Even if at 1.200V the system seemed stable, during 3DMark bench it started crashing; increasing Vcore to 1.205 allowed to pass the bench.
In the latter cases temps are close to 57°C with realbench and 60-61°C with prime95.

Rusults are in the dropbox link. (I will update it after furter tests)

Any advices? temperatures are ok? there's something I should modify in BIOS settings?
intel speed shift technology, C1-C3-C6/7-C8-C10 state support should be kept deactivated?
For now I started with a lower OC, maybe further on I will increase it.
Thanks for the help