Question Help! Audio/Stutter in game issues!

Oct 21, 2020
I've been trying every troubleshoot and research every related problem those who had this in the past, and none of which seem to work.

My problem is since moving from my old house to my new one, I've been having some issues base on some games. Originally I was able to identify on my own RAM corruption and got that replaced, but the issue is still ongoing.

To have an idea, ESO, City Skylines, and Halo have audio cut offs and in game stutters that seem to micro lag. Other games like Fallout 76 and CSGO does NOT have either of these issues! So I have tried everything from removing the battery from my mobo to reinstall drivers and/or re seating contain slots, like my GPU - even updating drivers or going backwards with drivers! Nothing seems to work. I have tried changing my cables around, from hdmi to dvi to vga, and nothing seems to resolve the issue. Observing my temps and my GPU shows a range of 45 - 55F. At this moment is at 42F.

Lastly, did another memory check to see if it's another RAM issue - it's not. So I'm out of options.

Please! Can anyone point me to the right direction? If it's a hardware issue, please point it out! I have warranties on these products, but need an idea which one is at fault. Below is a brief of my specs:

ROG Strix B450-F Gaming Mobo
Ryzen 7 2700X
16GB Corsair RAM 3000mhz
Coolermaster PSU 750W Gold Cert