HELP==> BEST Bang for Buck Gaming Wireless Keyboard/mouse??


Feb 12, 2010
Hi Guys,
I am in the market looking for best bang for the buck and or best wireless gaming keyboard and mouse in the market. Can either come in as a combo or individual. Anyone have any opinion on whats the best gaming wireless keyboard/mouse? I have search and google, but the information to pick a good one is very hard to clarify.

PLEASE any help would be helpful.. post link to the item(s) you recommend so others can check it out... Thanks...
It's really a matter of personal taste. I prefer my old IBM keyboard or this other keyboard I have from the 80s(it has a fan to cool it). I also have no problems with most mice but I dislike most "gaming" mice. Something about the feel of them in my hands. I use a v450 logitech.

So I guess I recommend any keyboard that works and a laser mouse that feels comfortable to you. Laser due to the better tracking.

Logitech is good brand name and I like mine so I would trust their devices.

Best bang for buck: The cheapest you can get, that feels comfortable to you.