HELP, BIostar TA790GX 128M, AMD overdrive, Phenom II x3

Ryan Baron

May 30, 2009
Okay, so i've been trying to overclock my Phenom II x3 720, I cant figure out how to do ti in the BIOS cuz i dont even see a increase multiplier option. so ive been doing it in AMD over drive. I can get to 3.3Ghz Stable by just increasing the multiplier. So here are my problems, im getting so frustrated with this.

1. AMD overdrive will not apply my last settings on startup even though the box is checked. ive had this problem ever since.

2. ive been trying to increase the voltage which is set at 1.25..I wanna increase it a little to get stability with 3.4ghz. Everytime i increase and click apply it resets itself to 1.25. This is so frustrating and BTW cool n quiet and smart fan are disabled.

idk what to do anymore.. and my bios is the latest version.

please help.



I have the same problem with it not saving last settings. Been looking for a reason why for weeks..... I just saved the profile and I load it every time I restart the computer. As for the voltage problem, no idea.


Jan 2, 2008
Not sure on the AOD issues but you can access the multiplier by going to
t-series heading and move down to CPU-FID/VID control
this will allow you to raise or lower multi
Click on custom p-states (enable)