Question Help Blank Screen + Graphics Driver Disabled

Jul 18, 2020

I have a gaming laptop and usually the screen hooked up to my tv as I only using it for gaming. The last time it was being used having no issues, was connected to the TV with a HDMI cable, was shut off and I didn’t see any problems.

I didn’t use it it for around a month and went to use the laptop and when I turned it on the laptop screen was completely black, I connected it back to the TV via hdmi like normal and once I did this the screen would show on my tv, when the hdmi cable was removed nothing on the laptop.

Ive spent the day looking around the web for solutions and I saw one that suggested disabling then reenabling the nvidia graphics driver. Without thinking i disabled the graphics driver on my device manager and the screen went black even on my tv. I’ve seen suggestions resetting bios to fix this but don’t seem to be able as the laptop screen was blank prior to this.

Any help anyone can give on this will be great. Right now I’d be more than happy to settle with getting it back to only displaying on my TV.