Question [HELP] Brand new pc stars lagging and then freezes

Mar 1, 2019
Before starting, I really thank the people who will read everything, it might be quite long because I want to detail everything.

Here I had an old pc that I had build myself 2 years ago and I decided to buy another.
New pc:
Ryzen 5 2600
asrock b450 pro4
Gigabyte 1060 6gb
1x8gb of ddr4 corsair revenge
cooler master 212 evo
1 hdd 1to of western digital blue
and a 450W evga bronze

hhd western digital of 1tb
cooler master hyper 212 evo
1x8gb of hyper x fury
motherboard I do not have the ref but I can provide it if needed

I get everything, I mount it, I install Windows no problem, all the components are detected, the pc works perfectly, I put steam on it, I start to install the drivers and the pc did something I had never seen before:
The mouse begins to lag
Loading bars are starting to move no further
The pc lags ( 1 - 2 fps )
and after 20 - 30 seconds the pc freezes completely without the system shuting down.

After watching forums, I thought maybe it was the hard drive, so I put my old hhd in, the same strange crash occurs.
I later put my new hdd in the pc, and put my old gc in (1050ti), the same crash occurs
I then put back the 1060 and check if the CPU or GC overheating is not the probelem . Once again I check with a monitoring software and when the crash occurs my gc and my cpu are at 30 or 35 degrees , 50 for the gc
I looked at forums and found that the asrock pro4 could be the problem
So I returned the cpu, the motherboard and the cooler (simply because it made too much noise)

And I took the same cpu, a different motherboard and a different ventirad and I took a small ssd of 120gb Kingston

- a b450 gaming plus msi
-and a pure rock slim bequiet

I installed all that, once again the pc works perfect and all of a sudden the pc starts lagging and crash, in the same way: lag 1-2 fps then total freeze of the system.

So I thought this time, at the ram and power supply (which I had not tested the first time)

I switch the rams with my old pc , my old pc with the new rams doesnt crash and my new pc with the old ram crashes.

I switch powersupplies, I put the new power supply in the old pc, perfect
I did not try to put the old power supply in the new pc.

I tried to run a memtest86 , no errors

So I'm really stuck there , if anyone has an idea where the problem could come because I find the lag + freeze quite strange, or any hardware incompatibility ? I'm ready to do all the cross tests possible or provide photos or screens if needed and I would like not to have to buy hardware anymore.

Thank you very much for reading, I wait for your return if anyone has an idea, this whole story is giving me headaches.

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